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Image by Jess Bailey

Licensing Options

If you would like to license my designs please choose your preferred option below and fill out the "Licensing Application Form" below. You will be contacted shortly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Non - Exclusive

Non - Exclusive license allows you to sell my designs on your products in a category. The design is NOT exclusive to you. The design can be licensed to others around the world in any category. I have the right to sell or licence the design to whom I wish.

Your licence has a term. At the expiry of the term you have the option to renew your licence or discontinue it.

I retain all rights to the design.

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Exclusive licence give you the rights to the design during the term agreed upon by both partied in that sector. The design cannot be sold or shared by you to others. No one else in that category can license the design during the licensing term. 

I retain all rights to the design.

Image by Mel Poole

Licensing Application Form

Fill in this form to apply to license one or more of my designs.I will respond to you shortly.

In the meantime follow me @deerfiorelladesign

Thanks for submitting!

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