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About Me

My name is Kristianne and I live on one of the majestic riverbanks of the Byron Bay Hinterland, with my husband and our three nature-loving boys.


In another life,  I used to be a Wedding Makeup Artist and was quite successful at it. The art of makeup came naturally to me. Every face was an opportunity to create something beautiful and oftentimes became a special moment to share with the bride-to-be in preparation for her big day. Then, I became a Mother and my world turned inside out in the most beautiful way. 


After having our first baby and becoming a Mother my priorities shifted and so did my relationship with myself. I began to want something deeper for myself. So I swapped my makeup brushes for paint brushes and started to play with watercolour in my spare time.


I will never forget the day I discovered Surface Pattern Design my head was literally spinning. I remember thinking to myself "Is this even a thing? Do people actually do this as a career"? It quickly became all I could think about day and night, even in my dreams! (other than my babies of course) I was obsessed! I was absolutely overcome by excitement and joy as the realisation of what it meant unveiled itself to me. My soul was literally on fire; all I wanted to do was create and start sprinkling little pieces of my heart into the world.


And so, after baby number two, I began the journey of learning Surface Pattern Design from a beautiful and generous community of artists; and I am so grateful that I did. I spent countless hours learning the ropes and soaking it all in. It was such a challenging and enriching time for me. I learnt SO MUCH about myself during this time. 

In between all of this I was raising my one, two then three young boys with my number one fan and husband George. Living between our home on the river in Australia and our home on the lake in New Zealand. Fast-forward a few years and I am now a Mother of three and a licensing artist and Owner of Deer Fiorella Design (Dear Little Flower). 

I love to design for makers like YOU! I am so passionate about supporting handmade business' run by other creative Mama's. The biggest reward is seeing my designs on your stunning handmade products in your

one-of-a-kind (cant get enough of) online stores!


My work is whimsical, painterly and sophisticated. I am a traditional watercolour artist and sometimes like to indulge in digital design. My designs are created for kids products like; clothing, accessories, decor and are found on fabric, wallpaper and products all over the world.


You can shop my designs for your handmade biz from my Spoonflower store and a selection of my prints at Dusty Moon Fabrics.

If you are interested in licensing my work please, get in touch using the licensing application form HERE!


If you are a Maker or Creative Business Owner you might like to join 'The Maker's Circle'. Its a mailing list where you will stay in the know of all things Deer Fiorella and become apart of a community of many other like-minded Mamas!

I’d love to hear about YOU, please say hi and introduce yourself

Much love,




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Surface Pattern Designer

- I create both traditionally & digitally.

- My favourite medium to paint with is watercolour. I adore its mesmerising and unpredictable nature.

- My designs are found and sold on fabric, wallpaper and lots of beautiful handmade goods all over the world!

- I love designing for Makers and handmade business' and supporting the slow-movement-handmade industry.

- Seeing my designs on quality products that have been made with love by other small businesses and Mothers in business is a dream come true.'

Hi, I'm Kristianne!

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"I love designing for handmade stores"

I love the relationship between Artist/Designer and Maker! Seeing my handprinted designs that I have absolutely filled with love on your handmade products that you have devoted yourself too is the icing on the cake for me. It literally makes my giddy inside out! It drives me to keep dreaming up new watercolour creations for your business. Handmade for handmade.

Deer Fiorella Design Painting

Watercolour Pattern Design

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