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Kristianne Solano

  Hello! I am Kristianne, surface pattern designer and artist behind Deer Fiorella Design. I am dedicated to bringing you exquisite fabric designs that will elevate your handmade project or brand.


I love creating a mix of watercolour and digital designs & I pour my heart and soul into each collection. My designs are often said to evoke a whimsical and sophisticated feel, perfect for both women and children’s products & apparel. I enjoy creating unique and enchanting "mummy and me" collections that caters to both boys and girls, ensuring that you find something special for the entire family.


My vision is to help handmade businesses thrive. I believe that beautiful designs can transform a product, making it truly stand out from the crowd. By infusing my designs with beauty and originality, I aim to provide handmade businesses every opportunity to succeed. From clothing to home decor, my designs can be used in a myriad of ways to bring joy and inspiration to every project.


 Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to being a part of your creative endeavors.


Remember tag @deerfiorelladesign with all your makes to be featured on my socials!


Love Kristianne x


Read more about me here... 

K x

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I just adore your designs they are so beautiful to work with

Courtney, Handmade Business Owner

Cute Designs for your Handmade Business

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"I am a Mama and an Artist; designing hand-painted Watercolour fabric for makers, sewers and creatives"

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Australia/ NZ Retailers

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United States Retailers

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A little corner of my studio..

Handpainted for handmade right here..

Welcome to my studio. We live in the riverbanks in the majestic NorthernRivers of East Coat Australia. Here is where my art is created and I absolutely love being in this special space that is just for me. 

Here is where I create my designs, I paint, edit and dream.

Watercolour is my main medium I use to create my designs, but I also work digitally at times too.

A warm cup of tea some essential oils and a good track or podcast playing and i'm in creative mode.

High quality and designer fabric for your business hand-painted by me.

Are you a fabric store and would like to license my designs? Find the quick application form here!

Discover beautiful one-of-a-kind wall art for kids here. Hand-painted by Kristianne.

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"Hand-painted, whimsical, wondrous & wild fabric design created for Makers & hand-made business alike"

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