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Kristianne Solano

Hi there... and welcome to my creative corner of the world.

My name is Kristianne and I am the artist and owner of Deer Fiorella Design.

I love to create watercolour pattern design for creatives like you who run your own handmade business.

My designs are often said to have a whimsical but sophisticated feel. Created with children in mind Deer Fiorella Designs are available on fabric, wallpaper, stationary and many other products around the world; and are often used on kids products in the handmade community. 

My passion is not just to create beautiful designs but to help handmade businesses to succeed; I love hearing how popular small business owners products have become because customers love my designs on them.

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K x

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Texturised Pin Check Primrose Collect Ap

"Hand-painted, whimsical, wondrous & wild fabric design created for Makers & hand-made business alike"



"I am a Mama and an Artist; designing hand-painted Watercolour fabric for makers, sewers and creatives"

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Handpainted for handmade right here..

Welcome to my studio. We live in the riverbanks in the majestic NorthernRivers of East Coat Australia. Here is where my art is created and I absolutely love being in this special space that is just for me. 

Here is where I create my designs, I paint, edit and dream.

Watercolour is my main medium I use to create my designs, but I also work digitally at times too.

A warm cup of tea some essential oils and a good track or podcast playing and i'm in creative mode.

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Discover beautiful one-of-a-kind wall art for kids here. Hand-painted by Kristianne.